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In the 1980’s founder, John started as a custom ornamental iron company serving the Denver-Metro area. Subsequently he began to receive a lot of complaints. Not from his customers, they were happy with the security doors and window guards he created. They complained about their window wells and the lack of affordable options to cover their open window well.

In the metro area, John found that most homes build since the 1970s due to building code changes have larger window wells than the homes built in the 50s and 60s which proved to be a hazard for homeowners.

There was no standard well size established, therefore, there was no standard cover available. Furthermore, each basement window well (even on the same home) is a slightly different size and shape.

This meant that many homeowners would opt to leave their window wells uncovered, vulnerable to people falling in or burglars using basement windows for entry.

Several other manufacturers make custom window well covers, however they offer an expensive and involved process. Taking usually 2-3 weeks from the time the well is measured to the time the cover is installed. Additionally homeowners typically have to be present for the measuring and installation appointments. All that labor and time adds to the homeowner’s cost.

John set out to find a better solution and began building custom covers for his customers. He then engineered and patented a unique solution for window well covers that could be sold directly to customers and retailers alike. Until the Adjust-A-Grate was designed and developed, there was nothing on the market which would allow a homeowner to purchase affordable in stock window well covers that would prevent the hazards created by the large open window wells.

It was specifically designed for the homeowner to easily and quickly install. Providing their family safety and security without the cost and time from custom covers.

The response to the covers was so great that it became a full time job for John and members of his family.  They subsequently eliminated all other products from their product line. After the patent was issued, they officially renamed the company for the window well grate—Adjust-A-Grate.

Today, the company is owned and operated locally next to the foothills west of Denver, Colorado. The entire team at Adjust-A-Grate work diligently to continue to provide the highest quality cover at the most affordable price.

To date, our basement window well grates, optional security kits and window well escape ladders are the only products manufactured and sold by Adjust-A-Grate, Inc.

Most customers in Colorado as well as customers in parts of Wyoming and Utah can find Adjust-A-Grate Products at their local Home Depot, Lowe’s or Budget Home Center stores. However, Adjust-A-Grate continues to serve homeowners with window wells all across the US and Canada.

If you have questions about which product is right for you, give us a call!

The Adjust-A-Grate manufacturing facility nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Our Unique Design Offers You:

Custom Fit Without The Custom Price
Zero Maintenance
Strong & Lightweight Design
Simple Installation
Optional Security Kit with Quick Release

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