Adjust-A-Grate Model WWL + WWL-X
Adjust-A-Grate Model WWL
Adjust-A-Grate Model WWL + WWL-X
Adjust-A-Grate Model WWL + WWL-X Adjust-A-Grate Model WWL Adjust-A-Grate Model WWL + WWL-X

Ensure This Product Is The Right
Fit For Your Window Well Here

Window Well Ladder by Adjust-A-Grate Inc. is your solution for your basement egress window needs.

  • Provides quick and easy exit for you and your loved ones from the basement in case of an emergency.
  • International Residential Code Compliant & supportive of up to 300lbs.
  • Maintenance Free – Constructed of strong tempered aluminum which will never rust or need painting.
  • Easy to Install – Each ladder arrives easy to assemble – only 8 bolts (included) and no special tools required for assembly. Step-by-step instructions lead you through quick and easy adjustment and installation.
  • No Special Tools – A 7/16″ wrench is all that is required to adjust and install the window well ladder. A square is also beneficial if you have one.
  • Once Assembled: Product Height - 61.75 in. Product Width - 14 in. Rung width - 12 in.
  • 10 Year Warranty – Adjust-A-Grate Inc. warrants that it will replace any part of this product, that proves defective in material or workmanship within ten years from the date of purchase by a consumer. Adjust-A-Grate Inc. assumes no responsibility for the results of improper installation or abnormal use.

In order to determine the correct model of Window Well Escape Ladder for your window well needs, make sure that you are measuring the top lip of the well to the ground, ensure you measure each well as even wells on the same home can be slightly different sizes and depths

Which Is The Right Grate For Your Window Well?

It is important to use your inside measurements of the length along the house and projection from the house as well as the shape of the window well to determine your correct model of grate.

Each loop on the grate (the pieces that run parallel to the house) adjust lengthwise anywhere between the two dimensions given for the particular model of grate. The Adjust-A-Grate does not adjust front to back – the range indicated on the projection out from the house is what we have determined is acceptable for that particular model of grate and you essentially center the grate in the opening of the well.

A belt is adjustable also, but you still need the right size. Use the product finder to ensure you are selecting the right product for your window well.



Maintenance Free - Easy to Install - No Special Tools

Having a window well ladder will provide you, the homeowner and your family, quick easy egress in case of emergency. Each of our ladders are constructed of lightweight tempered aluminum which will never rust or need painting.


Easy for Children to Release - Installs in Minutes - No Drilling Necessary

The Optional Security Kit with Quick Release allows the grate to be locked in place to deter outside entry, but still allow quick emergency exit from inside the home.