Optional Security Kit

Easy for Children to Release - Installs in Minutes - No Drilling Necessary

Without the Optional Security Kit installed, the Adjust-A-Grate is simply resting on the window well. It is not locked down and it is not attached to the well. This is all that is needed to prevent someone from falling in the basement window well.

The Optional Security Kit with Quick Release allows the grate to be locked in place to deter outside entry, but still allow quick emergency exit from inside the home.

Security Kit for 6 Loop Grates

Use with L6, RL6, XL6, and RXL6 Grates. *

For 22″ to 26″ projection wells.

Can be modified to accommodate 4 and 5 loop grates if needed. Click here for more information.

Price: $49.99

Security Kit for 8 Loop Grates

Use with L8, RL8, PC8, XL8, and RXL8 Grates.

For 28″ to 32″ projection wells.

Price: $56.99

Security Kit for 9 Loop Grates

Use with L9, RL9, PC9, XL9, and RXL9 Grates.

For 34″ to 38″ projection wells.

Price: $60.99