Window Well Escape Ladder

Maintenance Free - Easy to Install - No Special Tools

Adjust-A-Grate’s Window Well Ladder is your solution for easy basement egress.

Our ladders are constructed of lightweight tempered aluminum which will never rust or need painting.

Having a window well ladder will provide you, the homeowner and your family, quick easy egress in case of emergency.

Our window well ladders are packaged in a small box to save on shipping costs and are easily assembled with only six (6) bolts. 

Online we offer two different models of ladders as well as a 1 foot ladder extension.

The WWL can be found at most Colorado Home Depot & Lowe’s Stores.

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  • Window Well Ladder Model WWL

  • $5499

For metal wells 4 ft. to 5 ft. deep

Adjust-A-Grate Model WWL- W
  • Window Well Ladder Model WWL-W

  • $5599

For wells constructed of concrete, brick, or wood
4 ft. to 5 ft. deep

  • Window Well Ladder Extension Model WWLX

  • $2699

Optional 1 ft. Ladder Extension. For use with either the WWL or WWL-W models

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