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Answers to our most common questions are below:

The brackets on the Adjust-A-Grate rest on the wall of the well and basically suspend the grate inside the opening of the window well so that the majority of the surface of the grate is flush with the surface of your window well.

It’s important to use only the inside dimensions of your well when determining the correct model grate. This ensures the grate can be installed correctly, fitting inside the opening of your well.

Each loop on the grates (the pieces that run parallel to the house) adjust lengthwise anywhere between the two dimensions shown for that particular model of grate.

The Adjust-A-Grate does not adjust front to back – the range indicated on the projection out from the house is what we have determined as acceptable for that particular model of grate. When installing you will position the grate basically in the center of the well opening.

Modern basement windows are designed for emergency egress from the home. For that reason, our grates are not bolted or mounted to the window well, as you’d never want to trap yourself or your family members inside the basement. We want you, and your family, to easily and safely exit your home should you ever need to.

The grate itself is simply resting on the window well. However, the design of the grate gives the appearance of being bolted to the well. Oftentimes burglars looking for an easy entry to a home will be deterred simply because they will not take the time to investigate the grate.

However, for complete peace of mind we recommend the Optional Security Kit with Quick Release which allows the grate to be locked in place so that no one from above the well can gain access to the well or window but still allows quick emergency egress from inside the home.

Posted below is a chart showing UPS Ground service transit times for our window well covers to many major cities. Generally speaking, if you order your basement window well grates, window well escape ladders and/or the optional security kits prior to 1:00 pm Mountain Time, they will be shipped on the day you place your order.

Please call us at 303-278-6262 in the Denver-metro area or Toll Free at 1-888-877-4728 to place your order.

If it is not during our normal business hours or if our lines are busy – please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Aberdeen, South Dakota – 3 Days

Albuquerque, New Mexico – 2 Days

Alexandria, Virginia – 4 Days

Aurora, Colorado – 1 Day

Aurora, Illinois – 3 Days

Baltimore, Maryland – 5 Days

Billings, Montana – 2 Days

Boise, Idaho – 3 Days

Buffalo, New York- 4 Days

Casper, Wyoming – 1 Day

Cheyenne, Wyoming – 1 Day

Chicago, Illinois – 3 Days

Cincinnati, Ohio – 4 Days

Cleveland, Ohio – 4 Days

Colorado Springs, Colorado – 1 Day

Columbus, Ohio – 4 Days

Denver, Colorado – 1 Day

Detroit, Michigan – 4 Days

Eugene, Oregon – 3 Days

Ft. Collins, Colorado – 1 Day

Ft. Wayne, Indiana – 3 Days

Grand Rapids, Michigan – 3 Days

Great Falls, Montana – 3 Days

Green Bay, Wisconsin – 3 Days

Idaho Falls, Idaho – 2 Days

Indianapolis, Indiana – 3 Days

Jackson, New Jersey – 5 Days

Kansas City, Missouri – 2 Days

Laramie, Wyoming – 1 Day

Las Vegas, Nevada – 3 Days

Lexington, Kentucky – 3 Days

Lincoln, Nebraska – 2 Days

Louisville, Kentucky – 3 Days

Madison, Wisconsin – 3 Days

Minneapolis, Minnesota – 3 Days

Missoula, Montana – 3 Days

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 3 Days

Okalahoma City, Oklahoma – 2 Days

Omaha, Nebraska – 2 Days

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 5 Days

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania – 4 Days

Portland, Oregon – 3 Days

Provo, Utah – 2 Days

Pueblo, Colorado – 1 Day

Rapid City, South Dakota – 2 Days

Reno, Nevada – 3 Days

Richmond, Virgina – 4 Days

Rochester, Minnesota – 3 Days

Rockford, Illinois – 3 Days

Rockville, Maryland – 5 Days

Salt Lake City, Utah – 2 Days

Santa Fe, New Mexico – 2 Days

Seattle, Washington – 3 Days

Souix Falls, South Dakota – 2 Days

Spokane, Washington – 3 Days

Springfield, Illinois – 3 Days

Springfield, Missouri – 2 Days

St. Louis, Missouri – 3 Days

State College, Pennsylvania – 3 Days

Topeka, Kansas – 2 Days

Tulsa, Oklahoma – 2 Days

White Plaines, New York – 5 Days

Whichita, Kansas – 2 Days

Shipping prices vary based on the products ordered, the zip code they are shipping to, and how fast you want them delivered.

We only charge you, the customer, exactly what UPS charges us. We do not add a processing or handling fee. 

Call us today with your zip code and let us know which products you are interested in and we will provide you a shipping quote.  We typically recommend ground shipping, as it is the most economical option.

Orders placed prior to 1:00pm Mountain Time are generally shipped the same day. We accept Discover, MasterCard and Visa as payment and your credit card will be charged on the day your order is shipped.

Many of our standard products are available at most Home Depot & Lowe’s locations up and down the front range from Cheyenne to Pueblo, as well as some Home Depot Stores in Utah.

If you are looking for us at the store, make sure to ask for us by name. We’ve had on many occasions store employee’s tell customers they don’t carry window well grates as our product doesn’t look like the heavy custom iron grates or thin plastic bubbles most people associate with window well covers.

Our grates are designed to be maintenance free. We do not recommend painting the grates as it is difficult to get paint to adhere to aluminum.

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